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FAQ For the 2023-2024 Season

I would like my child / children to play at DMHL.  How do I register?
See the Registration menu item to find our how to register, or click here

When does the house league season start?

The season will start the week of September 18th with 2 weeks (4 sessions) of player evaluations. 

*U7:  The season starts Saturday October 14 2023.  See the U7 Information Page for more details on U7
* Hockey School (IP):   There are no evaluations, and the season starts Sunday October 15 2023.  See the Hockey School Menu item for more information on Hockey School.

What Days of the Week and Times will my child play?
See the Division Ice Time page, or click here for all ice dates and times for all divisions

How long are practices / games
All practices and games have 1 hour allocations.
Games will be 3 periods at 14-12-12 mins each period, and with warm-ups and game stoppages, this usually consumes almost the entire 60 minute allocation.
U7 and U9: Shifts are 2 minute buzzer (no changing on fly)

How Do Evaluation Sessions and Team Drafts Work?
For U9 and up, the first four ice sessions are player evaluations.  Player evaluations are important as this will help create even and balanced teams.
The players will be on the ice participating in a number of drills so that our evaluators and coaches can assess the players.  For older age categories, the players may play scrimmages during some sessions.   
After the 4th session, the evaluators will provide an assessment of all players, and along with using the previous season player assessments, our coaches will draft balanced teams.

** You will need to bring your own hockey jersey and socks for these sessions, and please ensure your child is dressed in full equipment.

When will I receive the schedule for the evaluations ?
The division convenor will contact you about 1 week before the evaluations and send you a schedule.  It will occur on the same day of the week and times slots that you will normally play for the year.  

When will I be notified about which team my child is on, and when will the coach contact me?
Once the coaches draft the players after the 4th evaluation session, they will contact you by email before the first game that occurs the next week following evaluations.  

When will my child receive their jersey and socks?
All jerseys for U9 and above will be handed out just before the first game by the coaches in the dressing rooms.   Jerseys for Hockey School and U7 will be handled out Wednesday October 11th @ Dofasco Rec Park 6pm-7pm in Arena Lobby 

The season has started and my child has decided to join DMHL.  Can I still register and join in progress?

Yes, our registration is open until December 1, 2023.   You can still register if the division is not sold out.

Where can I get more information about Hockey School?
See our Hockey School Page on the main menu

How does U7 and U9 season work?
U7 and U9 follow the Ontario Hockey Federation U7 and U9 Pathway Model.   
U7 will play games on half ice for the entire year.   Shifts are 2 minute buzzer (no changing on fly).  Coaches will be on the ice assisting the players, and there are no referees or formal games.  For more information, including when the U7 season starts. visit our U7 Information Page
U9 will play games on half ice until January, where they will transition to full ice with a referee and regular games.  Shifts are 2 minute buzzer (no changing on fly).  Standings are not kept.

My child is struggling in their age division.   Can I request that they drop into a lower age division?
We aim to provide an enjoyable experience for all of our players and we can certainly discuss your child's needs with your coach and division convenor to see if its in your child's best interest to move to a lower division.

When will Select tryouts start, and how can I get more info on Select?
Select Tryouts occur during the same time as House League Evaluations (Separate Skate Sessions).  Please visit the SELECT menu for more information.  The Select Tryout Forms will be available in early September.

What is the time commitment for Select Hockey?
All players who play for a Select Team are expected to fulfill their house league commitments as well (attend all practices and games).  Therefore it is possible to play up to 4 times total on some weeks, and sometimes more during a tournament week.  Note that sometimes select games / practices will occur during the same day as a house league game / practice.

I would like to coach or be a trainer for my child's House League team.  Where can I apply, or get more information?
All Coaching information is located in the COACH AND TRAINERS menu item, along with the application form

I would like to volunteer with DMHL in a capacity other than coaching.
Thank you for your interest!   Please send an email to [email protected] to let us know.  You can also attend our season kickoff meeting on August 31 2023 at 6pm at the Rec Park to learn more about our organization and to inquire about any positions that may be open.

What Games / Practice Dates will not occur due to holidays or Rec Park Shutdowns
Thanksgiving Day
All Games / Practices between Dec 10 and Jan 4 (Rec Park Shutdown / Christmas break)
Family Day
Good Friday
Easter Sunday

I am new to DMHL, and /or I'm new to minor hockey as my child is in their first year.  What else do I need to know?
Check out the Parent Information page on the 2023-2024 Information menu as we will have lots of resources and suggestions to help you out.
If this is your first year as a hockey parent, you will also need to take the RESPECT IN SPORT - PARENT online training module.

How can I find out more information about the Dofasco Rec Park (FH Sherman Learning Center)
Please visit the Dofasco Rec Park site 

Are there separate change rooms for girls ?
If your child requires a separate change room please email us at [email protected]

Is Dofasco Minor Hockey on Social Media?
Yes we are on Facebook and Instagram!   If you have any photos that you would like to submit, or any other comments, please send them here: [email protected]